The Tales of Our Maids From Hell

I never see the need to have a stranger living with us. By a stranger, I mean a domestic helper (“maid”). But since Dad’s passing, Nikka’s birth, and me going back to work (though only a few days a week), having a maid is sometimes a blessing.

In a span of eight months, we have had two maids — a Filipina and an Indonesian (our “current” one). And both were hard work. Really. I get migraines just thinking about them.
Friends and colleagues who know me IRL are probably sick of listening to my “maid from hell” dramas πŸ˜‰

“A” was our first one after many, many years of not having a maid.
We hired her after seeing a glowing bio with years of experience in taking care of the elderly. It was initially for Dad but the process took so long, she arrived only in October.
The first week, “A” got up late. Even later than us. We gave her a little bit of leeway. The second week – still the same. When I asked, she said she needed to adjust because of the time difference between Malaysia and the Philippines. Really? Do I look THAT dumb?
But, other than that stupid BS — she was good. She did everything. And the house was spotless.

Just when I thought we’ve found an (almost) perfect helper, all hell broke loose.
“A” pinched Nikka’s nose the first day she was out of NICU and sent to my room. Then she gave me an annoyed look because Nikka was screaming for her feed at 3 am and it woke her up. She also did 10 million other things that seriously pissed us off.
Mum and I decided to send her back to the agency. When we (Mum actually) told her of our decision, she said: “I know you are miskin (poor) and cannot pay my salary.”

That was it. I told her to pack and on the same day we sent her back to the agency.
Close to mid-January (finally!), we obtained the Check-out Memo and she was out of the country **happy dance**

Then, Mum found “M” — a 39-year old divorcee from Madura. But seriously, she looks way older than 39.

She, however, did well. I wasn’t quite sold because, in less than a year, we are her third employer.
But then I thought I’d give it a go anyway. I needed someone to help Mum look after Nikka whenever I have to be at work. And, she is good with her. In fact, too good until it came to a point where she tried to act like Nikka is her daughter. There was one time when I asked her to help me tidy up my bed because I was holding Nikka — she had the cheek to say “I will hold the baby so you can make your bed”.
Or the other time when my bestie was over and Nikka started crying (she was hungry — nothing new there!). She just immediately ran into my bedroom and tried to grab Nikka from my best friend.

Eh, wtf?
You are a bloody helper. Sure, we treat you like family. But you still don’t have any rights to just barge into my room whenever you feel like. So I told her off. Ever since then, she kinda stopped talking to me.

The thing about “M” that pisses me off — she doesn’t prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner for us (she just wait for us to bring something back). We had to tell her if we wanted her to cook. She doesn’t have the initiative to just do it.
She never help me with cleaning bottles, stroller liner or carrying my baby bags — I have to tell her to do it. Otherwise, she will just sit there with her eyes glued to the TV. The only thing she will delightedly do is: carrying Nikka. This is something we don’t even have to ask her to do.

After a while I just got so annoyed and literally just stopped asking.

The last day of Ramadhan, she told Mum she’s going to go back to her relative’s place for Hari Raya. When asked how long, she said will only come back on the third day of Hari Raya. She told Mum “I will let you know when I’m coming back.”

Who the hell does she think she is?
So I sent her one long message to put her in her place. The arrogant bitch responded with “If you still need me, you can pick me up. Otherwise, I will pack my clothes.” — and I think you guys could tell what my answer was πŸ˜‰

“M” is still at her relative’s place. I told her she doesn’t have to come and get her stuff because I will send ’em over.
Why would I even want her to set foot in our house again, right?

Mum kinda freaked out because we will be maid-less and she doesn’t want to be alone when we go away next week (Nikka and I are spending some time with the whānau in Phuket and Ho Chi Minh).
So I spent the last few days trying to find someone to replace “M”. The thing is: Mum has preferences — thanks to her friends though! **sarcasm**

I did find someone, which is a good thing. Because I didn’t want to leave Mum on her own. I haven’t met this potential new maid but I do like the fact that it is her first time in Malaysia — crossing fingers that she is not “spoiled”.

Just in case this doesn’t pan out — maybe you guys can help me out with some suggestions? πŸ™‚

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