To The Person Who Will Someday Love My Daughter

Isn’t she amazing?
Whenever she looks at me with those big, brown eyes – the feeling is indescribable. I bet she’s making you feel the same too. But, be careful though. She is one sneaky lady. She has her own way of getting outta anything – she will giggle it out or cry it out. But yes, she has her own unique ways.

I know all this because I loved her first. I watched her as she took her first breath at 09:14 am on that beautiful Friday morning (before they rushed her to NICU, that is). I was her first friend. She needed me, way before she needed anybody else.

I hold this close to my heart.
All I ask is for you to be good to her. I’d have the “Fragile” sign plastered all over if she was a package. I don’t know if you’re tall or short, tan or pale, her first love or her lifelong best friend. But, all these are not important. As long as you respect her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated, I promise I will love you anyway.

I may not be as supportive of the relationship at first – so, please accept my apology in advance. I am only this way because I have had my heart broken many times. I’m no stranger to manipulation. So please believe me when I say the well-being and happiness of my daughter are the only things I am concern about.

Please don’t put her below you, or behind you. But instead, put her next to you – as your equal partner. Protect her, and hold her hands as you both fight through this crazy world (and life).

She is my saving grace. Sent to me during my worst state of life. I’d do anything to protect her. But unfortunately, I’m not able to protect her heart once she’s old enough to fall in love.

So I guess I have to put my faith in you – whoever you may be.
Don’t make her fall for you, if you have no intention of catching her. If she decides to give you her heart, please try not to break it.

No matter what your gender, race, religion, ethnicity or profession may be; whether you two marry or never marry – I will support you and love you.

She is a special girl.
I know you will be as thankful to God for sending her to you. Just as I am that He sent her to me.

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